What to know everything about the taxi transport service in Singapore: Part II

If you are a foreign tourist and if you are planning to visit Singapore this season,What to know everything about the taxi transport service in Singapore: Part II Articles grab a plane ticket, book a hotel and a taxi transport service. Yes, you are right. As you are new the city, a cab company can guide you through out your journey. But why taxi? Why not train or bus shuttle system? Especially when there are all transportation facilities available?

This can be answered easily. A rental taxi can avail you everything a private car can give you. The comfort, the luxury and the flexibility. There are many such commuting companies who offer top quality air-conditioned vehicles packed with all the modern technologies along with a professional chauffeur who has a good route knowledge. These services also offer a pick and drop facility to and from the airport. You can book a cab online or by calling on a hotline or you can reserve it by standing in the queue at the outside of the terminal.

Taxi Brooklands
Taxis Brooklands
Brooklands Taxis
Taxi Weybridge
Taxis Weybridge
eybridge Station Taxis
Airport Taxis Weybridge

There are almost 25,000l fleet of taxis in Singapore and all of them acquire electronic meters and use CNG or diesel as the fuel. Most of them have inbuilt radio phones, GPS and traffic tracking system. These cars of the airport transportation service in Singapore can be of different shapes and sizes. There are prime and maxi cabs and limos with the seating arrangement ranging from 4 to 19. Some of them are quite roomy and some have a little space inside. You should check out all the models and thus book one according to the quantity of the passengers. Unoccupied taxis display green lights on the roof, while the occupied ones display red ‘Hire’ sign on the roofs or in the windows. Let’s see some of the famous taxi companies of Singapore.

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