What to Do About Negative People?

When you’re in the universe, you’re going to encounter a number of people and situations. However, it’s how you react to these situations that will determine the course of your life and the length of the path to your dreams.

All of us know someone who is negative or who always seems to be having a bad time in their life. And while sympathizing might seem like the best way to help him or her feel better, sometimes you need to do more in order to live the positive life that you want to live.


1) Attracting what you want from life

Just as the saying goes, ‘like attracts like,’ the same theory applies to the circle of friends that you have.

Your mother was right; hanging out with ‘bad’ people can actually influence and impact the things that you want from your life. According to the universal laws of attraction, you want to increase the amount of positive energy in your life as much as you can so that you can attract positive things in return.

When you’re around people that aren’t positive in nature, this can weight on you and the strength you have for maintaining your own positive energy.

2) What the real issue is

The issue with these people is that they tend to perpetuate a cycle of negative thinking and thus negative results.

They believe that nothing good will come of their lives, so they attract negative things, and these occurrences cause them to believe that only negative things will happen to the. The cycle can continue forever.

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