Types of 4 Poster Wooden Beds

Today, the designs for 4 poster wooden beds have evolved in terms of the poster heights as well as the treatment given to them. If you’ve always wanted a poster bed in your bedroom, here are some of the styles you can choose between.

Full 4 poster bed
This is probably the most classic design. In this case, posters stand at all the four corners of the bed. Depending on the style of the headboard, the posters near the head may be taller or shorter than the posters at the foot of the bed. However, they will all reach the same height from the floor. Full poster beds can have a classic or contemporary appeal. If you like a classic style, you can look at wooden beds with carved posters. A twirl or lathe work is the most popular. In the case of modernistic poster beds, you will find posters designed as straight columns or posters with a tapered top. The tapered style is also known as a pencil poster bed.

Half poster bed
One of the disadvantages of a poster bed is that it takes up considerable visual space in a room. Thus, though the floor space taken up by a poster bed and a platform bed may be the same, the former can make a room feel cramped. This is where half poster beds come in. These beds are designed with tall posters near the headboard and shorter posters at the foot board. As a result, the bed looks lighter without compromising on its aesthetics. However, you should note that half poster beds cannot be converted into canopy beds.

2 Poster Bed
While the maintain the grandeur of 4 poster beds, 2 poster beds are much more space friendly. These beds have only two elongated posts beside the headboard. The footboard does not have any posts. The headboard for 2 poster beds is usually ornate and carved. It may also be upholstered for added comfort. 2 poster beds are perfect for urban apartments. They also work well for a young girl’s room.

Canopy beds
As the name suggests, canopy beds refer to beds with a canopy above them. Many full four poster beds can be converted into canopy beds by connecting the tops of the 4 poster columns. Canopy beds are ideal for large rooms with high ceilings. These types of beds not only make a room look grand, they also give your bed additional privacy. The canopy for the bed may be made from many different materials ranging from sheer lace to thicker cottons. Specialty canopy beds may be designed such that their canopy looks like a crown or carriage.

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Though they are extremely beautiful to look at, you should note that these beds are harder to maintain as dust may accumulate on the canopy. In the summer months, this style of bed may also make your bed feel warmer as airflow around the bed is limited.

Half Canopy beds
Beds with a canopy that does not cover their entire length may be called half canopy beds. In these cases, the foot posts are merely ornamental. This style of bed is great if you want the canopy bed look but have a small bedroom. Half canopy single beds may also work well as daybeds in an informal lounge area.

Is a poster bed right for you?
There’s nothing like a wooden bed with elegant posters or a canopy above it to make you feel like royalty. If you have the space, this is the ideal bed style for you. But, if you have a small bedroom, it may be better to choose a lighter bed. Another point to consider when buying poster beds is whether you shift homes often or will be living in the same house for a long time to come. Poster beds can be difficult to pack and put together so choose this style only if you are sure that you will not be moving soon. As with all types of furniture, when you choose your bed, along with the design, pay attention to the type and quality of wood used.

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