Top 5 Enterprise Search Software Features to Look for in 2020

Enterprise search software is what businesses need to make sense of the large volumes of data at their disposal. After all, enterprise data is mostly unstructured, which makes it incapable of being analysed by the traditional keyword-based approach. The enterprise search software that we have today are designed to offer the most powerful text mining capabilities. Coveo is one such software that offers you many text mining and analytics tools for analysis of enterprise data effortlessly. 3RDi Search is another example of a software with NLP as one of its primary technology, which makes it possible for users to interact with it easily.

These were just few of the tools, but if one explored the tools in detail, one would find many features that are extremely essential for effective enterprise search. In fact, it is due to these text mining features that new age businesses are able to make sense and derive deep insights from the ever increasing volumes of unstructured data that is being collected by the organizations around the world. This article looks into the top five features of enterprise search software.

1] Semantic Search

When the traditional keyword-based approach is the Technology behind search, it has drawbacks and limitations to it. To bridge this gap, there is the need for semantic technology that understands the context of the query and brings up results that are most relevant. With research going on in this field, the future will only witness more advanced features.

2] Scalability and Flexibility

Just like any other business software, enterprise search software should also be scalable and flexible. Scalability is the ability of the software to evolve with the evolving needs of a growing business. A scalable software saves costs as the business doesn’t need to invest in new software as its requirements keep on changing. Flexibility, on the other hand, is about allowing the user to pick and choose features that they want. This way, every business will have the freedom to get only the features they need.

3] Data Protection

When it comes to data, security and protection of data is of utmost importance. Hence, data protection automatically becomes the most sought-after feature of an enterprise search software. There are many ways data protection and security can be implemented which include controlled access, encryption, prevention of data loss, data backup and more. New age software are focused on the most advanced levels of data security for the users.

4] Complete Range of Text Mining Capabilities.

At the end of the day, an enterprise search software is all about the most advanced text mining features. This is because most of the enterprise data today is unstructured, and this unstructured data cannot be analysed using the traditional methods. The text mining capabilities that are available with the new age enterprise search tools include natural language processing (NLP), semantic search, content classification, content summarisation, search relevancy, artificial intelligence and more.

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