The Vast Sums Of Unclaimed UK Lotto Prizes

A huge number of individuals all over Britain play the UK lottery each week with the belief that they can secure that life changing jackpot. You would therefore assume that these individuals would be in a hurry to get hold of the results the minute the draw has taken place to see if their dreams have been realized. You may therefore be quite stunned when I say to you that a staggering quantity of prize money never gets claimed.

The UK National lottery is frequently holding huge quantities of lotto cash that they are just waiting to be claimed. In only the five month period from September 2008 to February 2009 just short of £4 million still remains unclaimed by players of just the UK lotto game. These are not just a mountain of small prizes either; there are many exceeding £10,000,The Vast Sums Of Unclaimed UK Lotto Prizes  Articles a few of more than £100,000 as well as one prize of £1.5 million.

If you have gone to the effort to play the UK National lottery, make sure you check your ticket numbers immediately after the draw has passed. If you are lucky enough to win a prize, try to claim it at your earliest convenience because the UK lotto rules specify that any prize that has not been claimed within six months will no longer be payable.

The main reason put forward by lotto players as to why they do not claim their lottery wins is because they have lost their tickets. I’m sure that most of us have lost a lotto ticket along the way and have desperately attempted to find it in time for the draw but to no avail.

Depending on the size of your UK National lotto win, there are different ways in which you claim your spoils. If your prize is under £200, you can collect your cash from any UK National lotto retailer in the UK. When your cash sum falls between £200 and £500 some lotto retailers may still pay out a cash sum of this size but for those who don’t you will need to claim your prize at the post office instead.

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