The story of Boudoir Tokyo

Where do you go for Western style beauty treatments in the heart of Tokyo? That’s right, you visit the one and only Boudoir Tokyo Day Spa, home to expats, visitors and local beauty lovers alike.


The story of Boudoir Tokyo

Right in the heart of bustling Harajuku,The story of Boudoir Tokyo Articles the fashion epicenter of Tokyo, lays a hidden gem: Boudoir Tokyo, a Western style beauty salon offering luxurious beauty treatments since 1999.

A Home-Away-From-Home for all beauty lovers living in and visiting Tokyo.

With its extravagant French style burlesque interior it really is the perfect match for Harajuku shopping district with its colorful shops and the crowds it attracts.

Being copied is the highest form of flattery

It was only a matter of time before others realized that the Boudoir formula was a winner with its atmospheric and stylish interior. Before long other beauty salons appeared, emulating the Boudoir style.

Interior of Boudoir Day Spa Tokyo

Tokyo is a fantastic city to live in; it has something for everyone with a specific Japanese twist to it. But sometimes you just need a bit of home, and this is where Boudoir comes in for those expat ladies that sometimes want to “leave” Japan for a few hours and immerse themselves in an indulgent pampering session.

The reviews are raving and not just from expats. Tourists, business executives and celebrities visiting Tokyo find in Boudoir a nice little piece of haven from the never ending madness that is Tokyo. But what’s more, Boudoir also proved a huge success with the Japanese beauty lovers as they are equally impressed with the Boudoir experience.

Clearly Boudoir found a sweet spot attracting expats, tourists and natives in equal measure.

So where & when did the magic of Boudoir start?

Introducing Marilyn and Ben Klein

Back in 1999 Marilyn and Ben Klein opened the doors to the first Western-style beauty salon in Tokyo. With a winning combination of high-end beauty knowledge and business acumens, the couple worked day and night to ensure the word Boudoir is synonymous with attention to details and great customer service.

With other business interests both in Japan and Australia, they live in both countries making sure to always maintain a work-life balance in this hectic and unusual lifestyle.

What is Boudoir Day Spa in a nutshell?

A beauty salon who caters to all beauty lovers ! From a super-mom to a powerful diplomat, from a visiting celebrity to a diligent English teacher, the salon employs bilingual beauty technicians and each customer is welcomed to a friendly, caring and professional environment.

Throughout the years Boudoir has been featured regularly in Japanese and international media.

Here is an interview with Marilyn explaining the essentials of beauty treatments.

Throughout the years, Boudoir has maintained its Western attitude, which is very different to the way things are done in Japan.

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