The growing numbers of population has sought ample of foods and water. It is apparent that the environment has been vulnerable during 20th and 21st century because of the industrial revolution and the development of the science and technology. The water is the primary need of not only the human being but also the entire creation. However, the human being is in a need of hygienic H2O since the human health is extremely sensitive to the contamination. Today, there are many industries, five star hotels, shopping malls etc. where the H2O plays an important role to run these industries smoothly.

With the development of the economic growth, the people are accustomed with sophisticated technology which is the prime cause of pollution and impurity. The urban people are more acquainted with toilet, washroom, sink, drainage etc. However, the economic growth has not restricted to the use of open field for rural people. The contaminated water naturally growing because of the population explosion in the word and the plumbing industry has also been growing at phenomenal speed. Due to the contamination and deficiency of water resource in both urban and rural area, the sewage treatment came to existence. The sewage treatment is a process where the contaminated H2O is filtered and made drinkable.

There are many ways to have the origin of sewage. It can be created from factories, residences, industrial establishments and commercial activities etc. The household waste generates more contaminants due to the use of toilets, sink, washroom, kitchens and showers etc. Today, it has been very tough to lead a hygienic life especially in the urban life due to outnumbered population. So, the water effluent sewage treatment came to existence. This system and technology made all the waste water drinkable. There are many technologies and machineries required for the development of the hygienic and drinkable water.

Generally, the sewage is dispelled to the river or sea in the cities. Sometimes this effluent is being used for the purpose of drinking water by means of water effluent sewage treatment machines. The government and the municipality of the cities are extremely careful as to the human health in the cities as the disease becomes rampant due to contamination. It requires the biological, physical and chemical process to remove the contaminants form the industrial and domestic wastes. The sewage is being sometimes used as fertilizers and grey water is being used for the pu

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