The Method to Replace the Front Wheel Bearing (1)

An often unlooked part of most cars are the wheel bearings. The bearings support the full weight of the car both while stationary and under load. As the mileage increases on the car,The Method to Replace the Front Wheel Bearing (1) Articles heat and lack of lubrication can cause the bearings to wear and possibly fail. Symptoms of a failed wheel bearing are a continual low rumbling sound coming from the wheels that may or may not go away while turning in one direction. Replacing the bearings isn° a difficult procedure, but it does involve some specialized steps to ensure that it is done right. That said, here¯ how you do it.

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Begin by removing the front brake assembly shown in our tech article on brake pad and disc replacement. Once the calipers, pads and discs are removed, you’ll have access to the wheel bearing hub. Remove the dust cap from the front of the wheel hub. In some cases, the hub will just gently slide off using a screwdriver against the lip as shown here. Sometimes, you may need to use a little penetrant spray around the outer edge and let it soak in to help ease it off.

Here is the hub with the dust cap removed. The axle nut sits at the center. It’s a good idea to wipe off any excess grease on the nut. Use a 5mm hex socket to loosen the clamp on the axle nut. This clamp holds the axle nut in place on the spindle. Once you loosen the clamp, you should be able to easily remove the nut from the spindle.

With the axle nut removed, you will be able to pull the hub off. As you do, the outer wheel bearing will pop out. The tapered bearing sits inside a race that is pressed into the hub. Check the races and bearings for any signs of discoloration or pitting. These are signs that the bearing is worn and requires replacement. Clean all the grease off the spindle and check it for wear as well. If the spindle shows any grooves or pitting, you’ll want to replace it.

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