The First Six Months: Big Changes – Month Four

The Fourth Month: Big Looks

Now the real fun begins. The social, The First Six Months: Big Changes – Month Four Articles motor, and language skills that started in the previous stage really blossom during the next three months, which we call the interactive stage.

The Master Skill — Binocular Vision

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As you become a veteran baby watcher, you will notice that each stage has one important skill that, once mastered, has a snowball effect in helping baby better develop other skills. Binocular vision is the master skill of the fourth month. Baby can now use both eyes together, giving him better depth perception — the ability to judge accurately the distance between his eyes and the things he sees. Imagine what baby had to put up with in the previous month. After swiping at and missing targets for three months, baby can finally get a consistent fix on a toy and grab it accurately.

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When you baby develops binocular vision, here’s what he can do with it. First, he tracks better. Watch him hold a visual fix on a toy or person moving from side to side, a full 180 degrees. And, while tracking his head begins to catch up with his eyes so that both begin to move together.

“My Baby’s Not Doing That”

There will be time when you feel, “My baby’s not doing that yet!” Don’t worry. Nearly all babies go through the milestones we discuss, but they may not always be “on time.” The month-to-month progression is more important

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