attention to the brain and bone health. The second millennium of mankind’s most significant achievements is the health that has been paid attention to extend life longer. Scientists now predict that 2030 will greatly extend the human life span.

“Reasonable diet, regular exercise, restrict alcohol quit smoking, psychological balance”, these four cornerstones of health are needed to care, that proposed by WHO, give a high degree of generalization with the scientific, civilized and healthy lifestyle.

For human’s health sake, the Health and Welfare Department proposes six lifestyles to improve the situation of health: one, non-smoking; two, limit alcohol; three, reasonable diet; four, regular exercise; five, regular health check; six, obey the traffic regulation. With 30 years efforts about research in American, the mortality proportion of cardiovascular disease has declined 50%, mainly achieved by improving their behavior and way of life. The second health revolution surging to chronic non-communicable diseases in developed countries and some developing countries have been effectively controlled and achieved remarkable and gratifying results.

The affected factors include:

First, genetic factors: There are many human diseases are related to genetic, for example hemophilia, albinism, hypertension, diabetes.

Second, psychological factors: scientific research shows that many human diseases are related to psychological factors. With increasingly competitive today, accelerate the pace of life, the stimulation of various external factors can lead people to mental stress, caused mental disorders and mental crisis. According to statistics, in recent years about out-patients, nearly 70% of the diseases and the development and social psychological factors are closely related.

Third, behavior and life style factors: chaotic diet habit, smoking, be addicted in alcohol, exercise few, the mental strain, to live unreasonable, take drugs blind, the nature chaotically, not to observe the traffic regulations and so on to be connected with person’s health.

Fourth, environment factor contain natural environment and social environment.

Natural environment is humanity’s livelihood material base, the ecological damage and the environmental pollution causes the harm inevitably to the human body health, this kind of harm compares to other factors, has the characteristic of slow effect, the long cycle, big scope, and large population, consequence serious.

Social environment contains politics, economy, culture, education, science, housing, security and public. All the factors such as political turmoil, poor and the war have an effect on health.

Fifth, biology factor mainly includes pathogenic, pathogenic microorganism.

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