The advantages and shortcomings of Ionic Mobile App Development!

The demand for mobile app development is steadily rising! However, developing mobile applications is not a cakewalk as it requires a considerable amount of time, skilled resources, selection of the right technologies, and a huge investment.

The two prevalent approaches of Mobile app development are Native and Hybrid. It is tempting to create Native applications, owing to their amazing performance and elite features. But, it would cost a fortune if the native app is intended for more than one platform as separate developmental cycles are needed for each. Most enterprise apps these days target Android, iOS as well as the web to expand their customer base and desire a budget-friendly development. Hence hybrid applications are trending as they use technologies that are compatible with all platforms. One of the frameworks which befits hybrid app development is Ionic. Like most other frameworks, Ionic has its share of strengths and shortcomings.

This article is going to acquaint you with this outstanding framework, as well as the advantages and obstacles encountered

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