spiritual connection with who we are. Most people spend their lives unaware of their spiritual self and are consumed in the physical and material world around them. This state of being is unproductive and limiting. It is easy to just respond to impulses, irrelevant thoughts, and the demands of other people.

The first step to achieving higher awareness is to break away from by gaining some self-awareness. You can start this process by turning your attention inwards and observing yourself rather than what is going on around you. This is much harder than it sounds. Many people will find this process uncomfortable. It is not always easy to be truly honest with yourself about how you really feel. Often our external https://gurikaraoke.com/
actions are a comfort and distraction from having to confront your true self and make changes. Making changes to the way we see ourselves and the way we act can be the hardest thing of all. It also comes with huge benefits. Only by breaking away from the mundane and habitual can we see begin to see true and meaningful patterns in the world. Attending to the present moment can help you notice your true thoughts and pay attention to your feelings and emotions.

You will soon see that a lot of things you think of as essentially you are actually coming from outside of you even though they seem to be part of your internal self. Gaining higher awareness depends on being extremely self aware so that you can begin to separate the external influences from what is truly important. Being consciously present in the moment is very difficult to keep up. It requires an awful lot of energy and focus and it is easy to slip back to lowered awareness. The ability to keep the focus grows with practice and time.

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