Some Interesting and Popular Web Based Business Logo Design Trends

When you surf various websites, you can see a variety of logos. From gaming industry to software business, every web based company follows a certain logo design trend to establish their corporate identity online. Some of these business logo design trends are really good, some are childish and some are over used.

Following a trend is not a bad practice at all. However, for some companies “following” means “copying”. They blindly “follow” a design trend and fail to establish their brand USP. Whenever you follow a designing trend, remember that you must create a custom logo design. Take inspiration from trends, but use your designing skills and add some unique elements in your logo.

Here are 10 popular logo design trends followed by different web based companies. Do you have a web based company and follow one of these logo design trends? Start reading and find out.

1. Badges and Buttons- Web based companies use various types of buttons in their logo design. You can see round shaped button, round edge small squares, play button and a range of other types of buttons in corporate logos.

However, this trend won’t last for long. Not because it’s ineffective, but because it’s overused. Since Adobe Flash made this trend popular, several other companies started following this trend blindly and over populated web with badge and button design trend logo.

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