If you think you cannot afford one, keep in mind that after the hot season prices fall greatly and there are also a lot of offers and sale to sell conditioners not sold during the summer. This might be therefore the best time to benefit from discounted prices and rush to take protective measures against next hot summer.

The models of air conditioner are different, there are those that can be moved and those fix that have to be hanged on the wall, depending on the model and brand, prices very greatly. To install the air conditioner it is better to rely on an expert, or you could risk to pierce the wall only to find out that the outlet goes directly in the balcony of the nearby, who will not be happy at all.

But if your problem is that you rather suffer the cold during winter, and you do not want to ask a loan to pay the gas bill, a cheap and natural solution are pellet stove. The pelletpelletfapelletbrikettfabrikett wood is a fuel from sawdust, dried and then compressed on the form of small cylinders with a diameter of several millimeters, about 6- 8 mm.

The binding capacity of lignin, contained in wood, produces a compact product, without adding additives and chemical substances strangers to the wood. In this way, therefore, we can obtain an high yield natural fuel. Due to the pressing, the calorific value of pellet, with the same volume, but not the same weight, is almost double than of wood. The caloric performance is also affected by the percentage of hardwoods in the origin.

The pellet stove is a product very similar to the wood stove. It also uses a solid fuel and is designed to heat any type of environment. There are pellet stove covered with ceramic, or lined in steel. The ceramic does not burn and keeps the heat longer, while steel can reach higher temperatures but it also cools much more quickly

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