So How Do Natural Sweeteners Work for Me?

Did you know that natural sweeteners can transform your life for better, and that stands all the more true if you are afflicted by diabetes or obesity.

So how do natural sweeteners work for me?

Sugar has come across as the banes of the age.

We come to find that American’s teenagers in particular are becoming a lot more obese with the passage of years. But the figures are more alarming than they initially sound.

In 1990s, just 15% Americans were overweight. But presently, one in 3 Americans is Obese. Some of the disorders that very often accompany obesity are

– Diabetes – The higher is the BMI, the higher is the chance of one being afflicted by diabetes. If someone afflicted by type 2 diabetes is obese, it makes the recovery more difficult, and one also has to put up with the numerous disorders that form a part and parcel of diabetes. These could include retinopathy wherein the retina of the eye could be damaged. High blood sugar levels which accompany diabetes could affect the functioning of kidneys, leading to kidney disorders or failures. Diabetes could lead to myopia or muscle weakness, wherein the muscles fibres do not work that well, leading to muscle fatigue.

– Hypertension – In the same coin, obesity makes one more prone to being afflicted by hypertension. The heart is required to pump more blood. And one is no longer as athletic as he was earlier. One tends to go into a vicious cycle wherein one is not able to burn calories as one is not athletic, and the carbohydrates that one consumes are stored as fat in the body, instead of being burnt as energy.

– Arthritis – Being obese puts more stress on the joints. So all strains of arthritis could be more severe, and the path to recovery too could be more difficult.

Alternately, being obese could also affect an individual’s self esteem.

People often may choose to prefer to go for solutions like exercise or dieting to curb a problem like obesity. But sometimes they may come to realize that the solution is not working as well as they had initially anticipated.

Each of these ways to curb obesity comes with its own problems. If one works out as a way to curb obesity, he may come to realize that he is running out of options when it comes to ways of working out. Jogging or going for long walks everyday is really not easy for everyone. And if someone has a tendency to get fatigued out with his work, long travelling hours or a hectic lifestyle, it may even be difficult to find time for working out regularly.

In the same way, dieting could be tough for some people, or rather most people. The body might tend to run out of nutrition, so one might eventually find himself splurging on fattening foods like chips and fries. Even fruit juices contain a certain percentage of sugar, and while they play their part towards providing nutrition to the body, they might play a part in making one obese as well.

Even as one diets, one has to figure out a perfect diet plan that wor

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