The OC photography industry is extremely competitive. A number of people enter the industry every day. There are two main factors on the production side (as opposed to the marketing side) which distinguish those who will succeed from those who will fail: 1. the quality of images produced and 2. the speed at which those images are produced. The first item receives a lot of attention and focus. Photographers love quality images. The second is often neglected. This article offers suggestions on how to use ActiveWord can increase the speed at which images are produced.

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1. Create batch actions (processes) between Photoshop and lightroom. There are batch and other capabilities that Photoshop has. There are other capabilities that lightroom has. To quickly create beautiful images a photographer will often want to run batch process using both programs. Although some integration capabilities exist between to the two programs, most batch actions which require the capabilities of both programs are impossible. However ActiveWord allows a photographer to write a script between the two programs which can be looped to create a batch process.

2. ActiveWord can be used to quickly change the name of a number of images. A website is one of the best ways in which a photographer can market his services. Search engine optimization is one of the key ways in which a photographer can get more people to see his site. Having a number of images with the same names as the keywords on which the photographer is trying to improve his rankings will improve those rankings. The challenge in doing this is that it is a tedious and time consuming process to rename all these images. However an ActiveWord script can copy a keyword stored in a cell of a spreadsheet and use the name to reuse the image. By replicating the script a photographer can quickly rename number of images.

3. A Newport Beach photographer can quickly access key files. One of the most tedious parts of image processing is browsing down the paths in which images can be found. With ActiveWord a photographer can write a script that produces a directory path or opens a folder directly. He can assign an easily remembered to ease the recall of the word needed to trigger the script. This will greatly reduce the time it takes to find or save images.

Professional photography is a competitive business. The faster a Laguna Beach photographer is able to complete his work the better he’ll be able to compete. Implementing ActiveWord into a photographer’s workflow is one effective way of streamlining his work.

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