One easy way to spot a bad teen drug rehab

Drug abuse and addiction very rarely get better without intervention and professional help, and once you decide to intervene and get residential drug or alcohol rehab treatment for your struggling child, you are faced with the difficult decision of where to turn for help.

It’s not only about the money

Rehab can be very expensive and although price is never your number one concern, we all live within our financial realities and you can only afford what you can afford; but once you have determined what your insurance provider will cover and how much you can contribute, you are still likely left with a list of several available and local rehabs from which to choose from.

Most private drug rehabs for teens offer an excellent standard of care, and are staffed by committed and caring professionals. Unfortunately, there are some operators who do not run programs with the best interest of your child in mind, and attempt to maximize profits at the expense of treatment care. You need to ensure that your son or daughter doesn’t waste their time, energy and hope at a substandard rehab.

One easy way to judge the quality of a drug or alcohol rehab

There are a number of ways that you can evaluate the quality of a facility, and factors such as the quality of education, the degree of individual therapy offered, and the level of family participation are all extremely relevant; but a very simple way to get a feel for the quality of a rehab is simply by listening to the questions they do or don’t ask on the phone.

Any treatment center that claims that they can offer treatment assistance to all in need is either hopelessly optimistic, or more likely, more interested in an admissions check that in the quality of care.

There are some teens, with certain special needs who will not benefit from the treatments and therapies at a standard drug rehab facility, and a quality rehab should ask certain pre screening questions to ensure that they are capable of providing quality care to each individual patient.

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Teen drug rehabs should want to know about any history of violence or anti social behavior and they should want to know about academic performance or learning disabilities. They will almost certainly want to understand the level of abuse they are going to be confronted with, and they should also want to know about family or other social problems.

These are all normal pre assessment questions that quality rehabs will ask to ensure that they are equipped to provide quality care; and if they don’t ask them, maybe they don’t care.

If they don’t ask, they don’t care

No one treatment facility is right for everyone, and no quality rehab would ever try to provide therapies beneficial to every type of patient; they could never do an adequate job. If a rehab does not want substantial background information, this is a very bad sign and very likely indicates a lower quality rehab, maybe more interested in your money than your child.

It’s not the only way to evaluate a rehab for teens, but it is an easy and informative way to eliminate treatment facilities that may not have your best interests at heart.

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