Make Money With Hubpages And Squidoo

Social hubs are content based web pages that can be made up of several modules. As a hub owner, your primary responsibility is to create content on the hubs. Hub sites like Hubpages and Squidoo provide you with the tools to create additional content. For example, you can related videos, external links, table of contents, guest books, etc. When everything comes together, that page becomes a hub.


It is called a hub because the information on the website is supposed to be shared with the online community. Other members of the site will be able to vote or comment on your hubs and likewise, you will be able to do the same on theirs.


Why are social hubs getting more and more popular?


There are several reasons that can be accountable for the growth.


First, hub sites like Hubpages and Squidoo are highly popular sites. They are considered as authority sites by the search engines. So any back links coming from these sites are good for SEO purposes. Webmasters, Internet Marketers and business owners tend to create sites with the intention of acquiring more back links to their site.


Second, you can make money off your hubs. When you create a hub, ads and affiliate links can be inserted into the content. Any money that is made from these hubs are shared between you and the hub sites. So let’s say a hub makes you $10 a month. You might end up getting 50% of that, which works out to be $5. That doesn’t sound like much but what if you spend time to create 100 hubs? That will be $500 monthly income in your pocket. That’s quite a substantial amount.


These are the two main reasons why people create hubpages.


How to build successful hubs


This article will not be complete without a section on how to build successful hub pages. Here are some tips on how to make hub pages work for you.


Tip 1. Original content only. Don’t even think about posting non-original content. Even reprinting articles from other sources are frowned upon. The community doesn’t appreciate content that is not unique. In many cases, the hub sites even delete hubs entirely.

Basic Knowledge Hub
Tech News
Gaming Error Fix
How to fix

Tip 2. Pick keywords carefully. Traffic to your hub pages depend very much on search engines. So pick keywords that are popular. These are keywords that you know your target audience will be using to search for information. Products based keywords have been found to be very effective if you want to make more money with your hubs.


Tip 3. Promote your hub by commenting on related hubs. You can always visit hub pages that are created by other members of the hub sites and leave your comments. That will help other web visitors find your hub pages. Of course, the intention is not to leave junk comments. You must always strive to add value by leaving sensible comments.

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