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The decor of the living room largely reflects the features of our character and talks about our taste,Living Room Decoration Articles habits and ideas about life. Someone chooses the spaciousness and minimalism of decoration, but for someone it seems more appropriate for the living room respectability of the classical style. But regardless of the personal preferences of everyone, the budget for the living room decor is always also important. Therefore, in this review, we have collected universal and economical decor ideas that will become a successful accent in the living room space.
1. Images that fill the walls

Even in a small room, you can find a place for small accessories that give personality to the interior. The easiest way is to use an empty wall by placing original photographs or paintings on it. Such decor will revitalize the interior palette with new colors and will undoubtedly help to tell a lot about your interests and hobbies.

By the way, unusually designed frames for wall panels can both become an addition to the paintings and a separate piece of decor.
2. Stickers

Another creative way to wall decor: vinyl stickers. This type of decor gives great freedom for creativity and expression. You can place on the wall with vinyl applications and graceful pattern, and complex composition, and a motivating phrase. Everything that seems appropriate for the interior of the living room at the moment, everything that matches your mood.
3. Carpets

Of course, the carpet in our view does not correlate with the economical way of decorating the living room. But, you can look at it from the other side: make a simple interior and use the carpet as a bright accent of space. In addition, a good carpet, bought once, will serve you for many years. And you do not need to look for additional solutions to give comfort to space.

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