How to Reset Windows 7 Admin Password

Windows 7 is the latest release of Microsoft Windows. Unlike Windows Vista,How to Reset Windows 7 Admin Password Articles and XP, Windows 7 introduces a large number of new features, such as improved performance on multi-core processors, improved boot performance and kernel improvements etc. Also different from XP, window 7 asks its users to create a password for the built-in super administrator account and to set up a login user account or administrator account. Once you create the login account, window 7 will automatically disable the built-in super administrator account. This is for the sake of computer users’ security. However, it can also cause Windows login problems because people including me always forgot Windows 7 password. Usually we just create one login user account for our computer, except the default super administrator account.

Option1: Let other Windows 7 local user account help you re-login to your PC and reset the forgotten password of another account.
Log into your Windows 7 system with another account and then right click “My computer -> Manage -> Local Users and Groups”. You will soon see all your Windows 7 accounts will be listed there. And you are allowed to quickly set a new password for the account with a forgotten password protected without typing its original password.
This is only based on if you have created more than 1 user account before. If not, please move to the next option.

Taking the freeware to reset your forgotten Windows 7 password could be a risky solution. This is because in most cases those so called freeware or shareware are with virus. When using a third party application, you need to be 100% conscious. Here I know there is a clean and also effective free Windows 7 password reset tool-Ophcrack. It is claimed that 99.9% of alphanumeric Windows 7 passwords have been successfully cracked by it. For more information of Ophcrack, please Google it. However, it is a free application after all. A long and complicated Windows 7 password couldn’t be cracked by it. If you take more safety into consideration, then option3 wouldn’t disappoint you.

Option3: Take use of Windows Password Recovery Ultimate
Windows Password Recovery Ultimate is one of the best Windows password reset tools used for Windows domain or local password recovery. Just burning the Windows password recovery ISO image file into CD/DVD, you can recover your lost Windows password instantly and get access to your PC in minutes!

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