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If you are looking for one of the best Honda city cars,Go to the search auto option, and find out any efficient and experienced car trader Articles then fulfill your expectation from the different type collection of branded makes and models of currently promoted cars. Among of them, Honda city is one of the best branded cars and before buying this car, you should have to research upon that particular car through the online properly. The Honda City is a subcompact car manufactured by the Japanese manufacturer Honda since 1981, and was exclusive in Japan at Honda Clio locations at its introduction. Originally made for the Japanese, European and Australasian markets, the City was retired without replacement in 1994. The nameplate was then revived for use on a series of compact four-door sedans particularly aimed at developing markets, mainly sold in Asia outside of Japan but lately also in Latin America and Australia. From 2002 to 2008, the City was sold as the Honda Fit Aria. The word “aria” is a type of expressive melody, usually heard in opera. Honda chose the word, continuing its musical naming tradition used with Honda Civic derived sedans and 5-door hatchbacks sold previously in Japan, called the Honda Prelude, the Honda Accord, the Honda Ballade, the Honda Quintet, and the Honda Concerto, which preceded the Fit Aria. It is a subcompact sedan built on Honda’s Global Small Car platform, which it shares with , the Mobile, and the Mobile Spike—all of which share the location of the fuel tank under the front seats rather than rear seats. By mid-2009, cumulative sales of the City has exceeded 1.2 million units in over 45 countries around the world since the nameplate was revived in 1996. In 2011, the City is sold as Honda Ballade in South Africa.


The first Honda City (AA for sedans, VF for vans and FA for the wider Turbo II and Cabriolets) was introduced in November 1981 with the innovative “Tallboy” design; of unusual height it enabled four adults to fit comfortably in the very short City (under 3.4 m/11.2 ft). Produced as a 3-door hatchback in a variety of trim levels, the City was also available together with the Moto compo, a special 50cc ‘foldaway’ scooter designed to fit in the City’s small luggage area. At the time of its introduction, it was Honda’s smallest car, while not being in compliance with Japanese Government key regulations. It was longer than the Honda N360 by 383 millimeters (15.1 in), but shorter than the Honda Civic first generation by 171 millimeters (6.7 in). Honda replaced the original City series AA in November 1986 with this generation (designated GA1), and again with an update in 1989 (GA2). This model was produced until 1994. The Fit name also first appeared as a trim variant of the City. There was no convertible model, with both the convertible and Turbo models of the previous generation continuing on sale for a little while. In most markets aside from Japan, the City’s market position was left open until filled by the Honda Logo in 1999.

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