Five Ways to Keep People Focused on Their Goals

Goals,Five Ways to Keep People Focused on Their Goals Articles whether formally stated or not, are critical to all organizational success. We (hopefully) all have over-arching organizational goals; but on a more practical and immediately applicable level, we have project goals, productivity goals, quality goals, developmental goals, and the list could go on.

Setting effective goals is the focus of countless resources (drop by your favorite bookstore, run a search on, look on your personal bookshelf if you`re unsure about that). One way to improve your leadership skills will be to improve your ability to help team members set effective goals. And if your team doesn`t have goals established right now … setting effective, meaningful goals needs to be your first task. Then, you need to help keep your team focused on those goals once they exist. Here are five practical tips for keeping people focused on their goals:

Remove distractions. People are busy (like you haven`t noticed). They have lots to do and many things on their mind. The first, and perhaps obvious thing, you can do as a leader is remove distractions. How? You do that by continuing to communicate about, ask about, talk about and align your communication with their goals. It is easier to stay focused when there are fewer competing messages. As a leader you can focus on your communication and conversation as one important way to reduce distractions.

Review regularly. How often do you review your goals? How often do you encourage others to review theirs? Unless your answer is daily, you have room for improvement here! As a leader you can do any number of things to review regularly. You can review goals with your team as a part of regular meetings. You can place key goals in emails. You can ask people to provide updates on their goals, and more. Think about your specific situation and you will come up with

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