Environmentally Friendly Homes in Charleston, SC

As more and more buyers are wanting energy-efficient and green homes,Environmentally Friendly Homes in Charleston, SC Articles builders and sellers are trying to meet this growing demand. In the past few months, the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) has incorporated a green features section on every MLS report where builders and sellers can list whether the home has Energy Star appliances, solar panels, bamboo floors, and rain collection systems already in place.

If you’re looking to buy an environmentally friendly home, the drawback is that most of the homes you’ll find are new construction. This is great if you’re wanting a newer home anyway, but a lot of green buyers don’t want new construction because of the trees that are cut down and the idea that there are already enough homes on the market right now without having to build more!




















The best advice for these buyers looking for older homes is to search the MLS using the new green features option. Find a home that already has some of the features you want, and then use the money you’ll save by buying now to go towards other features that you add in either now or along and along. Earth friendly materials are starting to make their way into mainstream stores, like Lowe’s and Home Depot. So, it’s becoming much easier to find these materials. Sure, you won’t find items such as reclaimed wood in a Lowe’s, but you will in specialty stores around the area. So, why not take a home you love and make it as green as you want it to be?

For newer homes in Charleston that are geared to be energy-efficient, you’ll find a few neighborhoods to choose from. All of the homes in Summertrees were built to EarthCraft standards. This neighborhood is on Johns Island, and the builder was Brentwood Homes. EarthCraft is a program with guidelines ensuring that homes reduce energy by using tighter building construction, air sealing, controlled ventilation, as well as more efficient duct work, HVACs, and vents. Water usage is also reduced, which cuts down on utility bills. Last, the interior and exterior paint is low VOC. These homes are also supposed to have better indoor air quality for an overall healthier lifestyle for the owners.

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