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Hide your source code by,Encrypt HTML – HTML Encryption – HIDE SOURCE CODE Articles encrypting HTML, PHP, ASP, XHTML, JSP, SHTML files. Protect your images and graphics on your site by adding anti-copy to your pages. Stop spam in your emails by using the HTMLBlock anonymous email sender.

HTML Block takes Your Site To The Test

Find out if your site needs a security and protection boost today with our free online site tester. The form only take 1minutine of your time and get give you accurate results in seconds on how well your site scores in our tests. Does my website need HTML Block? Find out here!
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Hi, I used HTML Block and I found it the easiest and best software for protecting my website unlike other more expensive products. I protected my whole site in less than 10 minutes. As I run a artwork website people can’t steal my photos anymore which saves me my time and money and has given my business a professional look as I no longer have to use watermarks on my images.

Thank you, Thomas Cooke.

Best Website Security Software 2005 Award. HTML Block is packed full of incredible security features. If we were to recommend any website security product it would be HTML Block hands down for its flexibility and super strong encryption levels.

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