Whether following things in a rhythmic pattern/routine is good or bad? Why we always insist upon people to have out of the box thinking and be different? It is believed that following things as routine is very boring and mundane. Is growth and stability possible if everyone starts breaking the rhythm of life or when one follows it meticulously? If so, which one to be followed systematically and which one can be modified or mutilated or can be even changed totally to suite to the time and reality?

Will out of box thinking cause breaking the rhythm of nature or secret of creation? Can we ever call following the routine as ‘stability’ or ‘instability’? Is stability means a state of similar actions in a regular, continuous and uniform manner or a state of no action? If man attempt to ask such questions, the very question may confuse him. But the truth is that one has to search an answer to such inquiry only then they can find real meaning of their actions and efforts.

It is not just our expectations cause sorrow, our actions or effort without understanding the meaning of such actions also contributes to the sorrow in our life. When the actions are not understood of its intent, meaning or purpose, will necessarily contributes expectations that cannot be achieved forever in our life.

Without adequate preparation for an exam, if one expect distinction from such an effort will be foolish. Such expectation will only breed sorrow and not success.

Having routine life should be treated as so natural, durable and stable way of living by the modern man. Only routine life style can assure health and peace of mind. It may sound very funny or farce that how when one submerges into routine life style can offer health and peace?

According to the wisdom of creation, only routine alone make even the life possible on earth? Imagine only if every organ in our body continue to function the way they are functioning, we can claim he or she is perfectly healthy. Although these organs certainly faces several challenges every day, but still they maintain and retain their rhythm and routine. If for a second any of the organs in our body gives away their routine and succumb to some challenges, death or debility may rock or threat the very door of our life.

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