Easy AC Repair Problems

It doesn’t have to be the dog days of summer for you to worry about your air conditioning system not running right. Even mildly warm days can make your home feel uncomfortably warm,Easy AC Repair Problems and Solutions Articles especially if your home is well insulated and retains natural heat more than it loses natural heat. If you need an AC repair job done it’s never too early or too late in the season to have it done.
Before you call in an HVAC tech make sure the problem isn’t something you can trouble shoot on your own first. Is the unit plugged in and the breaker flipped? As simple as these things can be it does happen that you pay for a house call for a tech to plug a unit in or flip a breaker, so check these very basics first.




A qualified HVAC tech can diagnosis and trouble shoot your AC repair and let you know what to expect to get your unit up and running again. Depending on what symptoms your unit is displaying you may be able to semi diagnose and research the problem yourself before the tech arrives so that you will at least understand the jargon when you talk to a technician and be able to make an informed decision about your AC repair.

The most common problem most people experience is a lack of cool air or the reverse problem and too much cold air and a unit that keeps shutting off. A lack of cool air can be caused by a few things including a lack of a coolant such as Freon. Since no air conditioning unit actually burns through coolant the way a car burns through fuel to operate, a lack of coolant indicates a leak. Since coolants such as Freon are considered an environmental hazard by EPA standards, no licensed HVAC tech is legally allowed to simply refill a unit’s coolant without first finding and repairing the leak.
If your coolant levels are good your unit can be blowing warm air because the unit itself is frozen due to a circulation problem inside the unit. This can literally look like ice inside your unit which is keeping the coolant and air from circulating and pushing out cool air. Another problem that can be making your unit seemingly push out warm air instead of cold air can be your fan inside the air conditioning unit is not working properly so the air isn’t being blown out.

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