Did my sister steal from me?

Did my sister steal my money? An article by ask advice columnist online. We are talking about a thousand dollars,Did my sister steal from me? Articles given to me by my landlord because of a rebate regarding my rent. I have been waiting for this money so that I can go out and buy some much needed things for my home. A pair of curtains for the bedroom, a table for the kitchen. There are no curtains at all there now and the kitchen table is shaky and wobbly because one of it’s legs is too short. Nobody can repair it so it has to be replaced.

When the landlord gave me the money I put it in what I thought was a safe place, in one of my drawers at the back. Then for weeks I left it there waiting for a chance to get a whole day where I could walk around the shops and take a good look at things. I wanted to take my time on deciding what to get, not rush into something and then see something I like better later, I had done this many times before. Now I know I should have consulted an advice columnist online. If I had things would be better. But I did not know about them and I had nobody to ask.


The money was safely tucked away in that drawer for weeks, or so I thought. My sister was the only one who had visited quite a lot and who was in the kitchen when I was busy. When I managed to get a whole day I could spend shopping and was in the right mood for it I went to get the money and it had disappeared. Eh ? Where was it? To make it worse my sister came back to see me a few days later showing off a new coat she had got. And no I did not put it somewhere else and remember it all wrong, I know for a fact I put i there. Now it was gone. Yet I had tried so hard to

I eventually brought myself to ask her about my money, I worded it very carefully and made sure I did not accuse her but of course but I did make sure that I did ask her and she said she knew nothing about it and acted all innocent. This is the problem. When you accuse someone you alienate them and they hate you and get angry with you even if they are guilty so in a way accusing them or asking them does not find out a thing and makes things worse.

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