These are inexpensive training pellets for hobby shooters. They offer high accuracy shots but will not break your pocket. If you’re just starting out, this will be perfect for you. Each tin comes with 500 pellets and has two varieties (.177 and .22).

Superfield Pellets

These are perfect for competition, hunting and for medium range shooting. Each pellet is designed to have a steady trajectory at medium ranges and is aerodynamically designed for maximum impact and tight shots. This is recommended for Field target and hunting rifles.

Magnum Pellets

These are heavy pellets for long-range shooting. Aerodynamicallypellet fapellet brikett fabrikett designed for targeting tight targets and will penetrate deeper because of its weight. The pellets are smooth and greased with a special lubricant to maintain its quality even when stored for a long time. Among the many types of Bisley air rifle pellets available in the market, this is the best seller.

Premier Pellets

These are heavy pellets for medium-range shooting and game hunting. They are designed for heavy impact and maximum shock for the target. Each pellet is coated with a blood glove to make sure that the lead on the pellets does not contaminate the meat.

Pest Control Pellets

For medium range shooting for small to medium targets. The pellets have a smooth outer body and a hollow point for maximum penetration. The pellets are medium weight and designed for pellet deformation once the target is hit.

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