Cleaning Dirty Force Air Ducts

Cleaning Dirty Force Air Ducts

Cleaning dirty forced air ducts in your home should be a priority. Keeping your forced air and vent ducts dust free and clean of debris will improve the quality of your indoor air as well as reduce cooling and heat costs. Although many professional air duct cleaners are ready to clean your ducts it will cost you a lot of money for a job you can do yourself. Cleaning dirty forced air ducts can be done by the DIY homeowner. Air duct cleaning is not a difficult task.

Forced air duct systems and grates are all removable. All that is necessary is removing the grates and a section of the duct in its various branches so a long brush and a vacuum house can be inserted into the duct to clean the interior. The dirt and debris will be sucked into the vacuum as you clean each section of duct. After the ducts are cleaned,Cleaning Dirty Force Air Ducts Articles change the filters at the furnace and you are all set. Cleaning dirty forced air ducts should be performed annually to insure optimum performance of your cooling and heating system.

Tips for cleaning dirty forced air ducts:

By doing this job yourself you will save several hundred dollars. You can remove all the dirt and debris by following these tips. The duct work usually spans the entire house in the basement but access is quite easy by taking off duct end cap or removing a section of the duct at a curve joint. It only takes a few standard household tools to gain access to the ducts in the basement or attic.

If you live in an older house there will probably be a lot more dust, dirt, and debris in the ducts because older houses have more openings and air leeks for duct and dirt to get into the system. Newer houses are a lot more air tight and do not get as dirty as older houses.

In you live in a newer house you may be able to get away with

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