Classic Victorian Homesand Northeast Los Angeles Real Estate

The ever-booming real estate market in Northeast Los Angeles has renewed interest and focus on the many different types of classic Victorian homes in various NELA communities. As older neighborhoods such as Angileno Heights,Classic Victorian Homesand Northeast Los Angeles Real Estate Articles Montecito Heights and Lincoln Heights experience gentrification, owners of these homes are selling to homebuyers who desire to restore the Victorians to their original beauty.

Victorian-style homes in Highland Park and Eagle Rock have also been selling fast as have homes in Echo Park, one of LA’s first suburbs. But how did these old-style homes associated with Europe end up becoming a fixture of old-world Los Angeles?

The impressive Classic Victorian home was birthed in 19th century England during their Industrial Revolution under the reign of Queen Victoria. Simultaneously, Northeast Los Angeles was breaking ground as the communities of Eagle Rock, Mount Washington and Highland Park were first settled. In desperate need of reliable housing, the American settlers looked to their Motherland for architectural guidance. In the 1890s, Victorian homes began to decorate the landscape of Northeast Los Angeles.

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