Cheap Web Hosting is No Bargain!

transfer charges. My web host watched how many files I
uploaded like a hawk and always seemed to send their hefty
invoices earlier with each passing month.

I’m obviously not the only one who felt that way,Cheap Web Hosting is No Bargain! Articles because
suddenly a whole industry of “bargain” web hosts sprang up all
over the web.

On the surface they all sound great, especially when you think
you can go from $150 a month down to $4.95 a month!

Five bucks a month sounds great, until you realize the amount
of data transfer (number of page views) and bandwidth (the
amount of data transfer your host allows in a given period)
you get for that low price potentially hampers your ability to
do business.

This realization – along with a panic attack and a quick
lesson in calculating data transfer and bandwidth – usually
comes at the least convenient time.

When you exceed your limits, a bargain host usually just shuts
you down with no warning. Most webmasters realize they’ve made
a mistake choosing a bargain host when their site suddenly
loads a blank page in the middle of a big promotion traffic

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