Caring For Your Baby’s Bodily Needs – Part One

sometimes fun, but it’s also a chance to get to know your baby. In this article you will find practical ways to take good care of your baby — and enjoy it.

Diapering Your Baby

During the early years your baby will spend a lot of time in diapers, and you will spend a lot of time changing them. There’s how to be kind to your baby’s bottom and to your time.

During life before toilet training, expect to change around five thousand diapers, an interaction surpassed only by the frequency of feeding your baby. Rather than being a mundane task to be handled with dispatch and distaste, diapering can be a satisfying time to interface with your baby. More happens during diapering than baby’s going from wet to dry. Baby feels your touch, hears your voice, and responds to your giggles (and you to your baby’s). Before you even begin to change the diaper, connect with your baby. Focus on the child, not the job. Reserve some special facial expressions, jingles, and massage strokes just for diapering time so that baby looks forward to getting more than a clean diaper, and be sure to convey this diapering attitude to any substitute caregiver.

Look forward to diapering as a time to communicate to your baby that he or she is special. Avoid expressions of disgust with the sight or smell (here’s where breastfed babies have an advantage — the odor is not unpleasant!). Your face is baby’s mirror. Baby regards himself by what he sees on your face. We chatter to our babies about finding “treasures” and keep the tone of our voice excited and loving. Of course, not every diaper change will be a magical, happy, playful time. Sometimes you just to get it over with so you can move on.

Choosing a Diaper and Diaper Cover

Whether you choose cloth or disposables is a matter of convenience, cost, and your concern for ecology. And, of course, your baby’s skin should be a factor. Which type of diaper is kindest to your baby’s skin? Many parents use both: 100 percent cotton cloth diapers for home use and disposables when on the go. The bottom line is to choose a diapering system that is user friendly for parents, skin friendly for your baby, and kind to our environment.

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