Bulk SMS Reseller Business is More Profitable Than You Think

Mass text messages are used more widely in today’s business world. All major wireless mobile SMS providers uses sms gateway for SMS purpose. SMS uses a standard communication protocol that allows short text messages to be interchanged between a fixed and a mobile phone handset. Today SMS Massage services are widely used data application for transfer the data between mobiles.

The origin of SMS, such as cellular phones for radio telegraphy yesteryears was an opportunity to send messages to 160 characters, by using any GSM mobile phone. Today Mobile to mobile text messaging are widely used for sent or received the data or text message. Bulk SMS software provides instant delivery, high quality and convenient Bulk SMS service that the user experience to a whole new level. With the help of Bulk SMS software you can send bulk sms, DND voice sms, international sms, bulk sms on dnd, NDNC Bulk SMS, DND Bulk sms, Bulk sms gateway TRAI, DNC Bulk sms India etc.

Bulk SMS solution application will allow you to send text messages from your PC, desktop or notebook computer to any mobile phones. Widely it is Using GSM technology based mobile phones. Mobile device may also support bulk text messages software. Internet connections are not required for bulk SMS from mobile to broadcast.

The main feature of SMS sending application that allows you to create your own SMS gateway. Has the ability to assemble and serve a list of defense contacts numbers from PC to mobile phones with a single click. SMS to Mobile is compatible with all mobile phones, GSM mobile phones, where GSM technology is in use. Our DND Bulk SMS solution enables you to send Bulk SMS on DND numbers. We allow you to send bulk sms on DND in India through bulk sms gateway and a cost effective interaction with your client’s.


Using a computer in a text phone SMS ensures that the tool can be sent from a computer in most numbers and links without using the Internet. Software for PC to mobile marketing messages is used to send alerts service, product promotion, and information on events at the global level. This can be sent to your computer (desktop or laptop), without making use of the Internet. Users can download free software demos for bulk SMS provider’s website to appreciate the software features and their functions.

One of the main features of bulk text messaging software that allows you to Bulk SMS Services from your PC to other mobile phones. Our Bulk SMS software, search and use files and contacts from phone memory for sending bulk sms. Or you can also send an SMS to a personal contact by using Excel.

Cheap Bulk SMS Service creates a delivery report message for send sms in a text format file. The bulk sms software can send a message in English or other languages via using Unicode. Major wireless carriers SMS gateway function. Gateway allows text messages to be posted and sent to the wireless network carriers. Bulk SMS Gateway allows as an SMS to be sent to your mobile device and vice versa. The limitation is that the SMS message is limited to 160 characters.

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