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Most website owners join one or more banner exchanges to drive additional traffic to their websites. However, the belief that this strategy will significantly increase your website visitors is a common misconception.

Banner exchanges operate by allowing you to enter your banner ad into the exchange. You then place an HTML code on your website that displays a banner each time a visitor lands on your site. The exchange has numerous other websites with this HTML code, enabling it to display a considerable volume of banners across its network of member sites.

The exchange of banner impressions works as follows: for every two banners displayed on your website, your banner will be displayed once on another member’s site.

So, how does this generate traffic? If your website has 200 page views, your banner will be displayed 100 times on other websites in the exchange. Assuming your banner has a Click Through Ratio (CTR) of 1%, one out of 100 people who see your banner will click on it and visit your website. This means that for every 200 visitors to your website, you will get one extra visitor from the banner exchange.

If your website has 1000 visitors a day, this will result in an additional five visitors a day from the banner exchange. This is a mere 0.5% increase in your website traffic. The only website that truly benefits from this is the one that owns the banner exchange, as they get to sell all the extra banner impressions left from the “1 for 2” exchange of banner impressions across the entire network of member websites.

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The Power of Self-Replicating Advertising Webpages

A self-replicating advertising webpage operates differently. When you join, you get your own self-replicating advertising webpage, displaying six classified ads or links. Your link or classified ad will be in the first position of this webpage.

When someone visits your advertising page and signs up to get their own, they will get a page with their ad in position 1, and your ad in position 2. This cycle repeats over time, creating numerous advertising pages in your “downline” with your ad in positions 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

Assuming your website still has 1000 visitors a day, drop the banner exchange and place a banner or a text link to your self-replicating advertising webpage on your website instead. If this banner or text link also has a CTR of 1%, you get 10 visitors a day to your advertising webpage.

Statistics show that at least one out of 10 visitors to a self-replicating advertising webpage signs up to get their own. This means that at least one new self-replicating webpage is generated every day, displaying your ad or link in position 2.

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