B2B Trends That Created Huge Impact in 2020

Owing to the Pandemic Covid-19; the expected trends have not been exactly the way they were supposed to be; whereas the new normal brought on new trends that the B2B marketers embraced.

Let us discuss some of the predominant changes that worked well for the B2B marketers in 2020.

The Experience:
Of all the trends in 2020; this one would https://abm888game.com/ definitely top the list. Experience of the customer has been most important this year and it continues to do so. Amid the Pandemic; all the face to face events, conferences and meetings that allowed more personal interaction with the prospects or clients had to be cancelled and people were forced to connect virtually. People stayed connected but there was no scope for actual interaction like a face to face meeting. Amid all this; the need for customer care took precedence over any other tactic and it proved to be just the right solution for the challenging time.

Now entering almost the third quarter of 2020; people have embraced this trend and are now driving benefits out of it. Marketers are making customers the central theme of their strategies and are catering to their needs and are building solutions for them.

Personalization and Hyper-targeting:
Going one step ahead in caring for the customer; the emphasis is also on personalizing the experience and bringing personalization into every aspect of marketing and sales. Long before; marketing was more of a push-technique but now due to the digitization; marketing is leaning towards the pull technique that is not annoying to the customers at all.

The seismic shift this year caused due to the Pandemic has further created more importance on personalizing and hyper targeting for customers making it all about reaching the right prospect at the right time with the right messaging. With high levels of personalization already in the market; customers too are becoming accustomed to this kind of personalization and hence are expecting more of it from marketers.

ABM focus:
The focus has now shifted in adopting a comprehensive Account Based Marketing program. Along with personalization, hyper-targeting and emphasis on customer care; ABM makes more sense to marketers and therefore is becoming the new favourite of B2B Marketers. It is helping companies connect with customers better and its customer –centric focus or account focus is helping marketers cater to their prospects more effectively and with much better results. As a result, customer loyalty has seen an increase and customers swearing by this focused initiative of ABM are sticking around longer. ABM is helping marketers build a stronger brand and more customer loyalty.

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