A Production Company’s Insight: Five Steps to Getting Success with Video Content Marketing

1. Identify and unleash the complete potential of micro-influencers:

Influencers are often primarily categorized into 5 tiers: Nano, Micro, Mid-tier, Macro, and Mega influencers. it’s going to prove difficult for little businesses to collaborate with mega influencers buttons are often done by collaborating with influencers tiered from Nano to the Mid-tier. Suppose a Nano influencer has 1,000 followers and that they endorse your brand. albeit there’s a tenth conversion rate, you’ve got just gained, 100 new customers!

Micro-influencers also accompany the added advantage of getting more genuine relationships with their followers. they will function a voice to your brand and cement your brand’s authenticity. If you would like to find out those Twitter Followers and Following which are most impactful and influential you can visit FollowersAnalysis.


2. Video marketing is knocking on your door.

YouTube was already at the helm of video content sharing, now Facebook has also integrated video content across the platform. Facebook also stated that it’s witnessed unprecedented growth during this category. Videos are proven to drive more engagement and also enables you to converse together with your audience.

Many brands are now developing marketing strategies centered around video content. TikTok has also emerged as a serious marketing platform that brands are actively embracing. you’ll create short ‘ping’ effect videos featuring a sneak peek of your new products and services.

3. Move a step further than traditional social media. (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

Brands mainly specialize in the large 3 social platforms and overlook other niche social platforms like Pinterest, LinkedIn, and a reasonably recent platform, TikTok. you’ve got to specialize in platforms serving your niche audience and generate content that resonates and draws attention.

It has been proven that videos generate increased engagement, as against other sorts of media. Live streams can also tremendously help brands in self-advocacy and connecting with the audience. the increase of Instagram’s IG TV feature also cements the changing trend towards video marketing.

4. Bring out the humane side of your brand

This can convince be an opportunistic advantage for brands. People feel more connected to small businesses and this will convince be an incredible opportunity for you to get brand awareness. you’ll provide memberships to regular customers and add value to your account.

You can also engage your customers in members-only events and develop an emotional reference to your brand. If your business revenue allows, you’ll provide customized credit lines to your regular customers which may end in increased brand loyalty.

5. Incorporate user-engaging events

Social Media events and contests have proven to be a sure shot thanks to increasing user engagement and obtain the word out. Brands are increasingly putting out contests, surveys, and lucky draws. Brands and contests can assist you in providing value to your customers.

You can develop contests centered around your products or identify exceptional user-generated ideas. Neil Patel, the veteran marketeer has discussed thoroughly how contests and giveaways can assist you in identifying these ideas and building your social media strategies around them.

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