and how you are going to use them are not the only factors you’ll need to consider. A mountain bike is a sturdy bicycle with a strong frame, wide tires, gears and horizontal handlebars. This article presents few important aspects you should consider when you are planning to buy a mountain bike.

One of the most important factors, to be considered before buying a mountain bike is its suspension. Mountainous terrain consists of hundreds of puddles and depressions; therefore you need to have a good suspension, so that your journey becomes comfortable. The two different forms of suspension are: – Full suspension Mountain Bikes and Hard tail Mountain Bikes. Full suspension mountain bikes are for the off road mountain biking. A hard tail bike is lighter weight, so it is faster and generally is more desirable suited your purpose is to do mountain bike racing.

Checking the wheels and the tires form an important part of the mountain bike buyers guide. It is important to ascertain the use of the mountain bike. Other important factors to be checked are, forks, frame, and fit of the bike, warranty and guarantee period and most importantly, the price of the mountain bikes. Once you know, what factors you need to check before buying a mountain bike, you can head to the shop to hunt for the best mountain bike brands like Cross Country, Trail Bikes, All Mountain, Free-ride, Downhill, Dirt Jumping etc. After you’ve determined what type of mountain bike you would like to take it our for a test run. Give several different bikes a test drive before you make the final decision. You can save even more money with discount bikes. Once you’ve tested it and seen what it can do, then pack it up on top of the car and head out to an alter of scenery.

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