A Blog Marketing Plan – The Basics

Marketing is a low percentage racket no matter how you do it,A Blog Marketing Plan – The Basics Articles but blogging can seem to be the bottom of the barrel. It seems that some days no one is paying attention to you at all. You may not be using all of the resources at your disposal or, if you are, in the proper manner. You can’t blog alone and need to have a plan in place.

The following is an explanation of how to make a blog marketing plan and how that plan can work for you today.

Blog Writing and Posting

The title of this section may sound obvious (considering the title of the article), but it is the first step. You have to write a blog. Of course, you can have this part of the plan completed by someone else (say a professional writer), but even if this is the method you choose, make sure that the content matches your message/product/service.

Once the blog is written, it needs to be posted to your website and optimized. But, is this all that needs to be done?


In the past, you may have written the blog post and just put it in the queue and hoped that people would read it. Even if people read it, they may not respond. The problem here is that you are not actually marketing; you are just writing a blog at this point.

People who are interested in either your content or what you have to sell may find you and read the post, but the majority of people, who are potential customers, will not read it. The post needs a bigger send off.

Blog Promotion

Social Media Communities. Social media is a great business tool because it connects people. Although businesses are beginning to see the benefits of using this medium, maybe you haven’t yet. When you write a blog, there is a community of people on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others that will want to know about it (ex. LinkedIn Groups, Facebook Groups, etc.).

If you have properly set up your groups and have been following and posting interesting tidbits in the past, you will get your blog to a larger audience. Other people in your sphere will tell people in theirs who haven’t discovered you yet. Begin discussions in these networks to build up relationships with their members.

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