5 Music Industry Lies That Damage Your Music Career

5 Music Industry Lies That Damage Your Music Career

By Tom Hess

Want to quickly grow your music career? Stay away from these music business myths:

Music Career Myth #1: You have to be around 21 years old to have a chance in music.

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Reality: In the music business,5 Music Industry Lies That Damage Your Music Career Articles few successful companies care that much about your age. In reality, there are tons of pro musicians in their 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s. Your age won’t matter unless you really want it to.

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The music industry functions just the same as any other business. You can become successful at any age as long as you have a strong work ethic, dedication and a lot of value to offer.

Learn what the music industry seeks in musicians and begin strengthening these skills (more mentioned on this in a moment). This is what attracts people in the music industry to you.

Music Career Myth #2: People don’t actually buy music anymore.

Reality: A lot of people buy music, but if you want people to buy yours, you shouldn’t use outdated music business models. To become successful at selling music to your fans, here’s what you need to do:

1. Know how the music industry works right now (rather than how it worked decades ago).

2. Think creatively and outside the box. This will help you find new ways to sell your music to fans.

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